Massage Treatments Price List

Holistic Swedish Massage

One of the most commonly taught and well-known massage techniques, Swedish massage is a repetitive sequential routine designed to re-energize the body by stimulating circulation. Five basic strokes, are used to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. The disrobed client is covered with towels, with only the area being worked on being exposed. Therapists use a combination of effleurage (long strokes), petrissage (kneading, rolling and lifting), fricton (small circular movements), tapotment (percussive tapping) and vibration (rocking, shaking and tremling movements) with the application of oil, to reduce friction on the skin. The many benefits of Swedish massage may include generalized relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue adhesions, and improved circulation, which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury.

30 minute Swedish Head, Neck, Shoulder and Back Massage  ~ £30

60 minute Full Body Holistic Swedish Massage ~ £45

Deep Tissue Massage

This style of massage can be applied as a free flow or standardised routine.  The techniques administered affect the sub-layer of musculature and fascia. These techniques require advanced training and a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. Knuckles and elbows will be used during the treatment to reduce inflammation in the deeper muscles as well as the superficial ones. The muscles must be relaxed in order to effectively perform deep-tissue massage, and therefore the deeper pressures will not be applied until later on in the routine otherwise tight surface muscle will prevent the therapist from reaching the deeper musculature succesfully. Deep tissue massage helps to reduce chronic muscular pain and rehabilitate after injury, it also reduces inflammation-related pain caused by trapped nerves and compressed muscle tissue.

30 minute Free Flow Deep Tissue Massage ~ £30

60 minute Free Flow Deep Tissue Massage ~ £45

Therapeutic Massage

These aromatic massages are designed to rebalance your soul. 

Aromatherapy diffusers are utilized to fill the massage room with the scent of the relaxing lavender essentail oil and a blended carrier oil will be used during the massage. 

Each treatment is tailored to suit your needs and a combination of sequential relaxation techniques will be used to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.

60 Minute Full Body Calm & De-Stress Therapeutic Aromatic Massage ~ £50