Holistic Swedish Relaxation Massage

Holistic Swedish Massage

Holistic Swedish Massage was developed in the late 1800's by Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling.  

Ling found repetitive, sequential strokes induced a state of deep relaxation and actually increased the rate of metabolic repair, whilst relieving tired aching muscles.  He borrowed a little know how from his friend Ming who knew Tui Na, a form of Traditional Chinese massage that uses acupressure to relieve blockages along meridians. 

He developed a set of non-invasive techniques that included long strokes using the palms of the hands known as Effleurage, the lifting and compression of muscle fibres known as Petrissage, circular movements that gently removed knots & rhythmic tapping and cupping to bring about a sense of invigoration called Tapotment. 

Each movement used in the routine has it's own purpose and when used inconjunction with extensive Anatomy & Physiology knowledge has a profound effect on the mind, body & soul.

What makes the treatment "Holistic" is the fact that the therapist will take into consideration your reasons for wanting treatment as well as your medical history along with your lifestyle to create a treatment that is tailored to your specific needs, so in actual fact all the treatments I deliver are holistic, but this style of massage is much more relaxing because its sequential and repetitive.  

Over a course of time people have found Holistic Swedish Massage to be very beneficial and highly relaxing. 

A wide variety of ailments can be treated:

Frequent Headaches & Migranes
High Blood Pressure (but not low)
Sleep Loss/Insomnia
Low Immune System
Joint Stiffness
Muscular Tension